Disposable or ReChargeable Ecig

Disposable electronic cig or rechargeable electronic cig, what is exactly is the difference and what is the best fit for you? The main reason people are switching to electronic cigarettes are they want to quit smoking or cut back in a healthier way.  Supplementing a disposable disposable e cig is a great way to start and slowly transition from cigarettes. A rechargeable electronic kit could be your best bet if you are looking to stop smoking cigarettes completely.  Depending on your situation choose the best option based what best fits you.  Here are some great things to consider before you choose what kind of ecig or brand is best for you.

Disposable ECig Advantages

These are great, most e cig brands make a disposable e cig you can buy at most local stores like 7-11 or Circle K.  Disposalb e cigs can be a great option if you are looking to just give them a try or going out or need one for a special occasion.

If you are looking to just give them a try disposables are cheap and don’t require you to invest in a starter kit.  However when they run out they are done and you have to buy a new one.  If you only use it on occasion to supplement cigarettes it will last quite a while.  It is also a great way to start cutting back and starting to quit smoking.

Start by using it in your house or in your car, there are many places a cheap disposable e cig can be convenient.   By using a electronic cig in certain situations it can lead you to cut back and save you money.  If you are a pack a day smoker it can get pretty costly, imagine paying around $10 for a disposable ecig and have it last you all week.

Also disposable ecigs are a great option if you are just going on or have a special situation.  There are cheap and you can share them with friends for a weekend of going out where smoking is banned in most bars and clubs. What if you are going home for holidays and cant smoke or headed on a long plane flight.  There are certain situations we all encounter like public festivals places where smoking is banned that a electronic cig can be a great choice.

If you have something like this and still are not ready to quit, $10 for a disposable e cig could really save you a lot of stress.  A lot of e cig smokers are also finding them handy around the office, you can jsut sneak in a few puffs.  I always carry one with me jsut in case, it easily fits in any pocket or bag.  Then I always know its there no matter what.  I never need to worry about charging it or carrying cables.


Kim K Smoking E-Cigs

So I got an email from my cousin recently:


I swear to Jesus I saw pregnant Kim K. smoking an e-cig. WUT???”

To me, this just sounds like someone seeking attention, especially since Kim K. gave birth to little baby Jeezus weeks ago. But it does raise an interesting point: Is it OK for pregnant ladies to smoke e-cigs? I mean, they are ‘smokeless cigarettes’, right?

Well, it’s probably not OK, and for one simple reason: Everything that gets into your baby-maker’s bloodstream will also get into the bloodstream of that little joy-bundle she’s storing in her belly bag. That means your baby would end up being born addicted to nicotine, and remember, that little tit-monkey’s teeth won’t come in for a good long while after being born, which makes nicotine gum a non-starter. Don’t even get me started on the patch.

Long story short, pregnant women should not use e-cigs.

Njoy Electronic Cigarettes

Now you can buy an Njoy Brand disposable e cig at your local corner shop like Circle K for just $9.99

I saw this the other day and thought I would give it a shot as I should be trying to quit anyway.  I mean $9.99 isnt that bad for a disposable electronic cigarette. Not too long ago I noticed the display behind the counter but never really cared until recently.  I read in the news that silicon valley has invested heavily around $75 million into NJoy brand ecigs.  This got me wondering what is it all about, does it work, what does it taste like.  So I coughed up my 10 bucks to check it out.


What I got is one NJOY King disposable electronic cig

Njoy - King - disposabe e cig

Njoy King disposable electronic cig 3 pack

I couldn’t find the exact same product on their website but the only difference is Circle K sells single disposable e cigs not the 3 pack.

They Claim the Product is..

 ”It’s a premium electronic cigarette with the look, feel and flavor of the real thing, but without the tobacco smoke. Instead it emits a flavorful but odorless vapor. It provides everything you like about smoking without the things you don’t. No tobacco smoke or cigarette smell.”

Let’s start with the box, I kinda like it.  I am not too crazy about the colors kinda looks like something your grandma would smoke but there is probably a reason for all of that.  But at least it is not cheap, its a durable plastic with a nice flip top.  It stand a little taller than regular cigarette pack and abouthalf as thin and half as wide so it will fit into your pocket nicely.  But I really do not see the reason to even carry the case.

It is nice that it’s disposable so when its out jsut toss it or send it back to NJoy as they do offer a recycling program.  Being disposable it is cost effective and a good way to give electronic cigarettes a try.

As for the flavors they offer menthol or traditional tobacco.  You can get either in Bold (4.5% nicotine) or Gold (3.0% nicotine) depending on oh much of a fix you need. Alternative to this I do like the e cig brands that offer 0% nicotine so I can still get to “smoke” with out any addictive nicotine.

I bought the “traditional tobacco” flavor in the Bold 4.5% as I am a heavy smoker but trying to quit. I did fee like I got my nicotine fix but can’t say it is the exact same thing.  It is nice to be able to smoke it anywhere and not have any cig smell or have to wash my hands all the time to get rid of the smokey stink.  But it def. does not taste the same but I think it is kinda like coffee, at first it does not taste very good yet like all acquired tasted people acclimate. If you are looking to try to stop smoking or going on a long trip or airplane i think disposable electronic cigarettes are worth a shot.